(Baked) Broccoli Popper Bites

Okay, so as you can obviously tell, I’ve been having a field day with Pinterest lately. There are so many great recipes on there, as well as so much variety! Since I’m new to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I’ve been having to look up a lot of recipes for meal and snack ideas, as opposed to being able to just create one myself from scratch, like I do with regular non-SCD recipes. With time, though, hopefully that will change because I do love being creative and putting my own unique spin on things!

Yesterday I made broccoli poppers that I found the recipe for on here. To make it SCD legal, I omitted the garlic and onion powders. In hindsight (and after tasting it), I should have added some freshly grated onion and garlic, which would have given it that extra kick!

My thoughts about this? I wasn’t wild about them when I made ’em last night (although my husband loved them and thought they were so delicious) but they definitely tasted 100% better today, once the flavors had a chance to mesh together. These would also be great if served with some sort of dipping sauce. My husband had them with ranch. I think a dill sauce or some sort of chutney would give it a nice, cool, refreshing taste.

The great thing about this recipe is that it’s so versatile in that there’s so much playing around you can do with it, in order to make it your perfect recipe. Feel free to add different spices to your liking. Have fun experimenting with it.