My love affair with cooking began only a year and a half ago. Growing up, I never had a defining moment where I knew I loved cooking. In fact, growing up and living at home with my parents, I always left the cooking to them. My parents worried what I would do when I got married, since the only things I had ever cooked up in the kitchen were eggs and, at best, a mean batch of pancakes. However, when I got married in 2011, things changed, and they changed quickly, at that. I developed this innate desire to provide for my husband through cooking him delicious dishes that he would relish. And, with each dish I made, I created a goal to outdo myself the next time. My husband was genuinely surprised how tasty my cooking was, especially since he, too, knew my reputation of never having cooked at home while living with my parents. Soon, the, “This tastes good,” remarks, changed to, “This tastes amazing, just like my mom’s cooking!” There’s a certain satisfaction a woman gets when her husband, as well as those around her, enjoys her cooking. Little by little, I started experimenting, looking up recipes on Google, and putting my own spin on them.

Growing up and eating my mom’s food, I would ask her how she made certain dishes; I would then demand her to give me exact measurements. When she told me she didn’t use exact measurements in the kitchen, I was puzzled. How could she not use exact measurements? I thought. Only now, many years later, have I come to realize that the true art of cooking consists in not having to use precise measurements.

By no means am I a chef but I do feel I am a self-taught cook, and a good cook, at that. I’ve come to learn that with cooking, there isn’t always a clearly defined recipe to succeed and make great dishes. Rather, it’s about letting your creative juices flow and having some fun in the kitchen! It’s also about taking risks and not being afraid to try new things by throwing new flavors together.

I hope you all enjoy my recipes that I will be sharing on here, from my kitchen to yours!


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